To enhance the service we are able to offer our clients, our principle consultant, Graham Lee, has recently completed training in Prince2 and has passed examinations to the Foundation and Practitioner levels.

In passing both examinations, Graham has demonstrated his knowledge and understanding of the Prince2 methodology and will be able to pass this onto our clients, in either a Project Management role or on a Consultancy basis.

Those clients who already know and possibly use Prince2, will understand the benefits that using Prince2 can bring to a Project. But for those clients who may have only heard of Prince2 or who only know a little about it, we have provided more in-depth information. These detailed pages can be viewed by selecting the page of interest from those available in the About Prince2 link shown above.


Now Available - The Prince2 Flowchart Book.

This new book is a complete set of the animated diagrams shown in the Prince2 Processes sections of this website (without the animation, of course).

Each Process has it's own section broken down into Inputs, Updates, Outputs, Approvals, Archive and a Completed Flowchart as shown on the webpages.

Sections have also been included which show the complete Prince2 flowchart over five sections, each covering four pages which flow from one page to next.

These sections cover: The Complete Process, Inputs, Updates & Approvals, Outputs & Archive and the Complete Flowchart.

The ringbound nature of the book makes it ideal to open at the specific diagram and then leave open on the desk for reference. The book includes 66 full colour pages of diagrams, which are easy to read and navigate and will prove useful to both Prince2 Students and seasoned Project Managers alike. Please check out the diagrams in the Prince2 Processes sections and if you think they would be useful purchase the book.

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