Prince2 Processes

Prince2 is based around a set of defined Processes. The Processes define the management activities required during a Project and provide a basis for good Project Management.

There are 8 separate Processes within Prince2, each of which is further divided into sub-processes or activities designed to perform a certain function. Although the sub-processes are provided in a numbered sequence, not all are executed in sequence, but rather are executed as required for a certain activity. Processes are used to ensure the Project is kept on track by controlling and managing these activities, from Starting Up a Project through to it's final completion or Project Closure.

The 8 Processes are shown on the right, by moving the pointer over each Process, the sub-processes for each are shown. For more information regarding each Process and sub-processes please select the appropriate page using the buttons shown across the top of the page.

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Now Available - The Prince2 Flowchart Book.

This new book is a complete set of the animated diagrams shown in the individual Process sections of this website (without the animation, of course), accessed via the links above.

Each Process has it's own section broken down into Inputs, Updates, Outputs, Approvals, Archive and a Completed Flowchart as shown on the webpages.

Sections have also been included which show the complete Prince2 flowchart over five sections, each covering four pages which flow from one page to next.

These sections cover: The Complete Process, Inputs, Updates & Approvals, Outputs & Archive and the Complete Flowchart.

The ringbound nature of the book makes it ideal to open at the specific diagram and then leave open on the desk for reference. The book includes 66 full colour pages of diagrams, which are easy to read and navigate and will prove useful to both Prince2 Students and seasoned Project Managers alike.